Bringing durability and aesthetics
from nature to city

Bringing durability and aesthetics
from nature to city

Bringing durability and aesthetics

from nature to city


Güçtaş Corporate

Our company was established in 2008. As an integrated facility, our company carries out all the stages from the quarry to the loading of the stone to the vehicle that will deliver it to you.

Our company, which has determined quality production and customer satisfaction as its mission, is among the leading names in the sector with its production capacity and working system. It can produce in desired dimensions with natural cutting method.

GÜÇTAŞ Samsun quarry has an annual production of 30,000 tons. It aims to increase its production to 150,000 tons by the end of 2024 with its new quarries.

Our company; has adopted the principle of providing products and services at quality standards by keeping customer, employee and supplier satisfaction at the highest level. In this direction, our main goal is to be an institution that prefers continuity and reliability for its customers, employees and suppliers, and is sensitive to society and the environment.

To make a difference for our customers, to meet their expectations from us with the quality of our products, employees and services. Giving is our basic principle.


Mining Quarry

Mining Quarry is at a distance of 30 km from Samsun city center and port, 8 km from Ankara-Samsun road, with all infrastructure facilities such as electricity and water, and in a very convenient logistics location such as road and transportation. Since the altitude of the region where the quarry is located is very close to the sea level, 12 months of the year is in a climate suitable for operation. As a result of the reserve studies, the gabbro-granite mine extracted from the quarry, which was determined to have a very high reserve of 4,000,000 m3, was found to have very high hardness and durability. However, the mines extracted from the entire quarry have a very homogeneous structure in terms of both texture and physical properties.


Why Natural Stone

Natural stone is economical: Although natural stones seem expensive in terms of initial cost compared to artificial stone, they cost much less in the long term in terms of total cost, since artificial materials have a longer life span than artificial materials.

Natural stone is durable: Natural stones with very high pressure and abrasion resistance have an indefinite life. Natural stones, which are a product of nature itself, have completed their formation by resisting all kinds of conditions in nature for millions of years. For this reason, it is more durable than artificial stones against the conditions of city life.

Natural stone's thermal insulation is superior: Natural stone, which protects the environment from heat in summer and cold in winter, does not require insulation materials used together with artificial stones. With this aspect, it is economical in the first cost and usage stages.

Natural stone gets more beautiful as it ages: As artificial stones wear and tear over the years, natural stones retain their beauty over the years and gain a unique appearance. This is the difference that creates the current value of old buildings made of natural stones.

Natural stone is unique: Natural stones, which are taken from nature in blocks, can be given the desired size, shape and shape according to the need for use, and they can be differentiated in texture and color with different polishing methods.

Natural stone is compatible with nature and is ecological: Natural stones, which are products of nature itself, do not have any properties that are harmful to human health. Moreover, it has no negative impact on nature in terms of recycling.
For all these reasons, while the use of artificial stones has decreased all over the world and in our country, especially in recent years, the demand for natural stones is increasing rapidly. Especially in Turkey, municipalities have started to prefer natural stone in their new applications because they have determined that they get a very long-lasting and at the same time more aesthetic result when they spend their budget on natural stone for the replacement of artificial landscape materials every 3-5 years.


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